Securities Custody

(Organization, reduced clerical burden & peace of mind)

A Securities Custody Account at Cornerstone is perfect for those who want to eliminate the tedious clerical and accounting details associated with their investments. Our Custody service provides you access to our state of the art services and systems for securities tracking, trading and cash management.

Our Securities Custody Account relieves you of the clerical burdens that go with the ownership and administration of securities. We will provide you with monthly or quarterly reports that will give you all the information necessary for you to monitor all of your assets and activities on your account, such as the current market value, your cost basis, projected annual income and detailed transactions. Besides receiving organized reports you can access your account information over the internet at any time or by calling your personal administrator.

Investment Management

There are many methods of investing. While each may promise the potential for reward, choosing just one narrowly defined investment method may be limiting in reward and limitless in risk. The challenge is to blend the right combination of investments together to maximize your chances of reaching your specific investment goals.

How do you know which method to choose? Is your eye trained to identify hidden value? For even the most experienced investors, achieving financial success can be complex, confusing and time consuming. Taking care of an investment portfolio requires a significant commitment of time, resources and expertise. That’s why many affluent investors like you demand a different investment approach, one that will take your portfolio beyond one-dimensional product strategies and take advantage of our highly skilled professional investment expertise.

What distinguishes our program from others is our personal emphasis. It is created around you and your goals, your time frame, and your tolerance for market risk. As your needs change, our ongoing management process ensures that your investment portfolio evolves with you. We employ a disciplined process that sophisticated institutional investors have followed for decades in managing their investments.

The result is a well tuned, asset management approach designed to respond to your unique, individual needs while also responding to the ever-changing investment markets.

Trust, Estate and Guardianship Services

During your lifetime, effective planning is essential to maximize your wealth and minimize estate taxes for you and your future generations. With many years of specialized experience in the fields of Trust and Estate administration we are uniquely suited to assist our clients and families in these important areas. Working closely with you and your attorney we provide expert advice regarding the preservation and distribution of assets. Our expert investment management, our unique understanding of estate planning, our specialized tax knowledge and our sensitivity to each client’s family and their unique needs make Cornerstone the Trustee of choice.

We understand that being a Trustee requires not only a specialized array of investment, tax and legal expertise, but also sensitivity to the needs of those who benefit from the establishment of the trust. Sometimes, being a Trustee means utilizing trust resources for joyous events, such as helping a beneficiary buy a first home or complete their education. It can also mean helping a trust beneficiary who is facing a financial or medical emergency. Being a Trustee can also mean protecting the beneficiary who seeks to squander trust assets or whose judgment may be affected by a personal crisis, disease, or addiction. Cornerstone, as professional Trustee, will faithfully follow our client’s expressed estate planning desires even as family circumstances change from generation to generation.

Cornerstone serves as a professional Trustee. Family members or friends serving as Trustee just cannot devote the same level of fulltime attention to investment and fiduciary decisions. It is very difficult for family members and friends to approach trust decisions with that impartiality and objectivity that are the hallmarks of Cornerstone. Namely Cornerstone can help avoid the potential for family conflict while affording your beneficiaries the extraordinary safeguards of a corporate trustee.

Estate Services

Frequently complex and typically time consuming, the responsibilities of serving as executor can be burdensome to a family member or friend. The duties are numerous and many important decisions must be made in a timely fashion. Inexperience in matters of estate settlement and distribution may lead to errors of judgment costly to your beneficiaries. For these reasons, many individuals turn to a corporate fiduciary such as Cornerstone to serve in the role of executor.

Cornerstone has the skill and experience in taxes, accounting, investments and property management to perform the exacting duties of estate administration. At the same time, our sensitivity to human issues frequently helps the family members through a very difficult time. We act objectively in the best interests of all estate beneficiaries, and are ideally suited to the role of neutral intermediary should disagreements arise among various beneficiaries. Finally, we stand ready to help counsel the survivors to make wise decisions with respect to their inheritance and financial future.

Guardianship Services

The importance of planning for the possibility of incapacity should not be overlooked. If an individual becomes incompetent and the proper estate planning tools are not in place, a court proceeding will be held to appoint a guardian or conservator. The court will appoint a guardian to care for the person and a separate guardian to care for the property. Cornerstone National Bank and Trust Company is willing and able to serve as guardian for the property, should that need arise. We are always focused on our clients’ needs and the proper investments to meet their needs.

"Cornerstone Connect" and Technology Services

Cornerstone Connect brings all of our Investment technology together for your easy access. Our clients expect current, understandable information on their investments that can be easily accessed over a SECURE internet website. Cornerstone Connect allows you to access investment and trust account information 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Using Cornerstone Connect you can access your: asset allocation, account holdings, market values, tax costs, cash information, as well as all transactions.

You can depend on our professionals to provide you with:

  • Superior advice and strategies to achieve your goals
  • Proven investment performance
  • Comprehensive resources
  • Focused solutions for your financial needs

To access your Wealth Management accounts, click here to login to Cornerstone Connect.

Retirement Plans

While everything in your business may be under control, an important but often overlooked facet of any successful business is putting money away for life after Business. A business Retirement Plan can play a critical role in your company’s total compensation package. The right plan can help attract and retain key employees and at the same time give the company an immediate tax benefit. As a business owner, you receive benefits twofold, for the business and additionally as a participant.

At Cornerstone we recognize the unique needs of your Company, and assist you in crafting a plan that meets your needs. Whether you can benefit from a Profit Sharing Plan, 401K Plan, a Defined Benefit Pension Plan or a Simple Plan we can help you.

Cornerstone is partnered with several top organizations to provide a complete source for retirement plan services designed to meet current and future needs of your company and your employees.

Retirement Plan services are flexible, cost effective, easy to implement and include:

  • Assistance in the design and implementation of your plan
  • Professionally managed investment alternatives
  • Employee education
  • Professional trust specialists assigned to your company


We at Cornerstone are dedicated to provide a full spectrum of products and services that will help assist your company prosper. Top professional services with state of the art technology is our commitment to you.